Soon the time is here!

The dream of having my own cafe is steps away to coming through! Soon my Bike Cafe will be in Farsta! Stay tuned and check out some of the things we will be serving! (You can still order them from this page as a gift to someone you love!)

Fikaffe is here to help you and make you happy! We have a collection of goodies that will make great gifts or Fika moments at our Bike Cafe!

Order by sending us an e-mail at or by calling us at 0728585058. We can also give you more details if you e-mail us at

Or just wait to see where our Bike will be located and pay us a visit!



Fikaffe Mugs

Deliciously decorated mugs, filled with candy, mug cake, parfait or our selection of creamy sweets, wrapped perfectly. Various themes.


Fikaffe Sweets

Delicious creamy sweets with spoon and tags. Flavors: brigadeiro (chocolate), nuts, sweet cheese, casadinho (white and black chocolate) or coconut.


Fikaffe Cakes In a Jar

Delicious cakes put together inside a small jar for individual serving. With Christmas decorations and a spoon held by a ribbon, these are perfect gifts!


All images are examples and the product can be different, but we guarantee the quality.